Issa Asad golden rules as a successful entrepreneur

Being the President, CEO and Founder of many telecom and technology companies, Issa Asad is a great and successful entrepreneur. He has come forward and written many blogs and articles in order to help out entrepreneurs in their toughest situations. His golden rules as a successful entrepreneur have helped many business owners to overcome the toughest situation. He says give importance to your customer, as the customer is always king. Yes its true, the growth of your business lies in the hands of the customers, if they keep you high then your reputation will increase and once your brand become popular more people will start gaining trust in you and in this manner, customers can help you to make or break your company. And hence you need to treat your customer as a king, by giving the desired service or products as needed.


You need to keep educating your customer about what is right and what is wrong, but never try to bring down your competitors in front of them, in order to gain reputation for your brand. This is the worst part which you can follow as an entrepreneur. You can invite your beloved customers to participate in a customer service survey and collect suggestions or feedbacks from them so that you can work on your issues and also can make new changes which are desired by your customers. On the survey you can ask them what they exactly accept from your company and accordingly start working on it, to make them happy, in this way you can gain their trust. He says to keep in mind the mantra to be in the top most position in entire industry which is to — listen, educate, act and monitor.